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As part of the UN Ocean Decade Laboratories, we are crowdsourcing input for a White Paper. This activity will help answer the following question: What are the organizational, technical and community activities needed to advance the OpenOceanCloud?

How to participate:

  1. Register for event
  2. Watch the overview video if you are new to OpenOceanCloud
  3. Read the questions below
  4. Attend Our Virtual Community Brainstorm Session in GatherTown 16 September, 12:00 am CEST - 17 September, 08:00 pm CEST (Password is shared after registration.)
  5. Contribute your ideas to the collaborative document. (Document details will be shared in GatherTown)

Virtual Community Brainstorm Session - Sept. 16-17

Join the global discussion to define the future of open-source cyberinfrastructure for ocean science through this 44-hour open, community brainstorming session.

This is not your average meeting! This event is an asynchronous global sprint, leveraging technology to bring together a distributed international community. We looking forward to working together with all of you to identify the organizational, technical and community activities needed to advance OpenOceanCloud. The outcome of this brainstorming session will be published as a community whitepaper.

Register for event and you will be sent information on how to join our Gather.Town meeting. Go to GatherTown at any point during the 44-hour event (16 September, 12:00 am CEST [midnight European time] to 17 September, 08:00 pm CEST) to contribute to the white paper and see what other people have been working on. Moderators will be stationed in the discussion rooms throughout the event.

We welcome anyone and everyone interested in the future of ocean data infrastructure: researchers, industry professionals, government agency reps, environmental justice groups, and indigenous communities.

Intro: What is OpenOceanCloud?

The OpenOceanCloud vision was presented by Ryan Abernathey as a plenary lecture at the U.S. Ocean Decade Launch Meeting consisted of a 2-day virtual meeting. If you’re new to the OpenOceanCloud community, this 8 minute video provides a quick introduction and overview

Link to slides

The WhitePaper Process

We have three themes, with specific sub questions where we are seeking input. A collaborative document for you to provide your reponses will be shared with registered participants via GatherTown.

Theme 1: Co-Development of OpenOceanCloud Technology and Infrastructure

  1. Data: What data are needed to address crucial ocean science and policy challenges? Are these data FAIR and available in Analysis-Ready Cloud Optimized (ARCO) format? What gaps are there and how can we close them?
  2. Software: What are the key analysis tools needed by ocean scientists? What open software tools should OpenOceanCloud leverage in its platform? What gaps in functionality exist and need to be filled?
  3. Computing Infrastructure: How do we best develop and maintain interactive, data-proximate computing, available to anyone? Which organizations should fund and operate this infrastructure?

Theme 2: How can OpenOceanCloud engage, organize, and empower a diverse community of participants?

  1. How can we build an open, diverse OpenOceanCloud community?
  2. What principles and organizational structure will best enable an inclusive community? How can OpenOceanCloud empower scientists, citizens, local communities, and environmental justice groups to make the most of ocean data and data science to advance their own diverse goals? How do we reach those beyond the traditional privileged oceanographic institutions?
  3. Publishing: how should OpenOceanCloud integrate with the traditional publishing workflow? How can we publish open, reproducible research artifacts? How can we provide career incentives for oceanographers to engage in open science?

Theme 3: (Amplification Activities) How can OpenOceanCloud support and amplify other U.N. Ocean Decade Activities?

  1. How do we connect and build bridges with existing efforts?
  2. Who are early adopter communities that we could work with early on?

After the sprint is complete, the OpenOceanCloud leadership team will refine and edit the responses into a coherent document. All contributors will be invited as co-authors and invited to review, edit, and approve the final document before it is published.